3 December 2007


Dear Everyone,
Sandy is grateful for all your prayers and support and was deeply touched by the outpouring of love and prayers from everyone.
Last week, Sandy was downed by two successive viral infections. Because the medications she has been taking for her kidney condition is also an immuno-depressant, she is highly susceptible to all kinds of infection. Even the common cold can cause a partial shutdown of her kidneys.
Praise God for His healing mercies!  Sandy has responded well to her new medications. It has arrested the progression of her creatinine clearance rate. The side effects cause her much discomfort, but she will only have to take it for another three months. Sandy is almost recovered from the viral infections and has already checked out out of the hospital.
The Andolong, De Leon  & Pena families are thankful for all your prayers and support.


Our sincere thanks warmest wishes to all.  
God bless....Al & Aimee