Who is the enemy?


Night after night we view on television the body count of American soldiers killed in Iraq and the number has reached hundreds since President Bush declared the war over and the rebuilding begun. Drop by drop the liberal press is torturing the minds of people like you and me that this occupation of Iraq is failing because of the many innocent soldiers being murdered by the resistance.


What we donít hear as often is that American soldiers have killed more Americans in Iraq than the enemy and more home-grown criminals have killed more Americans in New York than all those killed in this latest war with Iraq.


Letís step back a moment and help me work through this.


Muslim terrorists are determined to kill infidels (unbelievers) for Allah and the for the honor of their country however dastardly their deeds are before God. Murderers in New York and other cities across America kill their fellow citizens in their own country for their own selfish purposes and thumb their nose at the God of our Christian faith. And American soldiers are in Iraq killing more of their own than the enemy is.


Whatís wrong with this picture?


American murderers are worse than Muslim terrorists and should be treated for what they are in our criminal justice system. Seven out of ten black men murdered in the United States are murdered by a black man. Itís not even racial anymore. It is just plain American terrorism against Americans run rampant. A runaway train!


How can we clean Iraqís back yard when our country is filthy with the blood of our own.

American terrorism (crime) is out of control and a black eye to anyone trying to impose our form of government on anyone else. The killing fields of New York, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami and others attest to the fact that terrorism within our country, not terrorism from abroad, is pounding the last nail in our coffin.


The author of ďThe Rise and Fall of AmericaĒ is penning his notes as your read this. And the American criminal justice system is helping him hasten the final chapter.