If you love the Lord more after the movie it only make sense that you loved the Lord less before.

How deep is your love?

The Passion of Christ has been lauded as the spark that will ignite a nationwide revival and maybe a reclaiming of our national heritage. All that have went to see it are almost speechless and seem to have a deeper understanding of the Hell He went though for them. It is having a profound effect of deepening the roots of our commitment to the Lord. And yet admit that they would not go and see it again. Why? Because it was a brutal portrayal of the torturing and agonizing death of the One they love.

I have been asked countless time, “Have you seen the movie yet?” and my response has been the same. “I can’t bear to see my Savior go through it again.”

I made up excuses that it would be too brutal for my wife to see because she leaves the room when there is a monster movie on the T.V. She loves old Roy Rogers and Lassie Come Home films and so to protect her from this “R” rated violence, I decided not to take her to see it and it seemed noble for me to protect her from this horror of our Lord’s torture and crucifixion.

However, let the truth be known. I love the Lord too deeply to see this and just knew that I would have to leave the theatre early into the film.

Consider, I love my dog Stormy but what if someone filmed two hours of him being beaten , abused, and tortured to death in living color and wall-to-wall sound, could I view the pain and listen to the howls and cries? I just couldn’t do it. I love the Lord more than my dog and I can’t imagine going to this film anymore than I would watch my dog, wife, child, friend, or even enemy go through what Christ is depicted as going through without recoiling and leaving in horror.

Yes, you should go see the film the Passion of Christ if you can handle it. In fact I recommend that you do because if you can do this, you really have not reached a point of loving Him as He wants you to. It just might be the remembrance of Him you leave the theatre with that will draw you to the love He expects from you.

How deep is your love? See the movie and find out.