Emmaus Walk With JESUS (EWWJ) Faith Ministry does not issue Income Tax Deductible Receipts for the LOVE OFFERINGS that it receives. Keeping with the teachings of JESUS, “not to seek worldly rewards” [Mt. 6:2], the spiritually minded contributors who support our ministry will receive their rewards in Heaven. This is the Christian's test of truly living his faith. By the grace of GOD and the power of the Holy Spirit, those who wholeheartedly WALK BY FAITH in the spiritual nature that they have received from JESUS, will be moved to become our financial and prayerful supporters as one in the Body of Christ.



Emmaus Walk With JESUS (EWWJ) Faith Ministry wishes to thank all those who have assisted with the creation of this Website. This includes the web designers, the financial contributors and all those who have united their prayers to ours for the success of this faith ministry. 


May GOD reward you all abundantly.